Magnetic resonance technologists

A magnetic resonance technologist produces diagnostic images using equipment that generates radio waves and a strong magnetic field. Extensive knowledge of physics, anatomy, pathology and physiology allows MRI technologists to obtain images, monitor and care for patients during scans that:

  • Detect subtle abnormalities within the brain and spinal column
  • Examine tissue of the joints muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Provide detailed studies of major organs including the breasts, liver, spleen, kidneys, the urinary system and the male and female sexual organs
  • View the workings of the heart and vascular system
  • Study body chemistry and functions

As part of their professional duty, magnetic resonance technologists:

  • EXPLAIN the procedure to patients
  • ANSWER questions as fully as possible
  • OPERATE the scanner
  • MONITOR patients during the scan
  • COMFORT patients and provide emotional support
  • ENSURE the safety of patients and staff around the magnetic field
  • CONTRIBUTE to patient education